DAYTIME Hemp Oil Supplement - 1,000 mg

DAYTIME Hemp Oil Supplement - 1,000 mg
DAYTIME Hemp Oil Supplement - 1,000 mg

DAYTIME is a full-body hemp oil infused tincture that targets inflammation and helps maintain a mind-body balance during the day.  This formulation was created to not only deliver target cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG, but also to deliver an earthy taste that is pleasant and palatable, not common in the industry. 

HEMP OIL QUALITY:  We ensure that the highest-grade hemp oil is used in our formulations, complete with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) from a 3rd party testing laboratory.  Our team also travels to the farms to ensure that both cultivation, harvesting and medical-grade refinement processes are being followed. 

CANNABINOIDS AND TERPENES:  Cannabinoids are components of hemp oil that can act on receptors in the human body.  Ensuring the genetic strains of the plant are high enough in the correct cannabinoid is one of the factors that sets our product apart from the others.  Terpenes are the pure essential oils of the plant that can stimulate the senses to feel awake, induce restfulness or focus.  Our blend of terpenes is tailored specifically to address pain and inflammation.  Rather than use stock terpenes from a variety of plant sources, we refine ours straight from the hemp plant for use in the formulations.  The result is a highly effective hemp oil supplement with a very quick acting time.

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