Nightshade+ (100 mg CBD) - Eye Inflammation and Dark Circle Smoothing Cream

Nightshade+ (100 mg CBD) - Eye Inflammation and Dark Circle Smoothing Cream
Nightshade+ (100 mg CBD) - Eye Inflammation and Dark Circle Smoothing Cream
Nightshade+ (100 mg CBD) - Eye Inflammation and Dark Circle Smoothing Cream
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NIGHTSHADE is a custom blend of the top 4 inflammation and dark-circle removing ingredients in cosmetics.  The plum seed base in itself is a coveted ingredient for these effects, as is black tea which has been used for centuries in china.  Adding in copper peptides and dipeptides furthers this amazing effect while the essential oils awaken circulation.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our NIGHTSHADE Eye Cream uses peptides, caffeine and essential oils to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes while healing and protecting the delicate tissue structure around the eyes during the night. 

Key Ingredients

Copper Peptide – Maintains supple skin, reduces fine lines, rejuvenates skin cells and promotes collagen and elastin growth.

Dipeptide – Skin conditioning, improves lymphatic circulation, reduces puffiness, regenerates skin, improves acid uptake.

Black Tea Extract – Protect skin from UV damage, tightens skin, reduces puffiness, kills bacteria and reduces blemishes.

Plum Seed Oil – Reduces water loss, heals and hydrates, anti-inflammatory, reduces puffiness, irritation, dark spots, under-eye circles, wrinkles and dry skin.

Our Story

Our search for natural products that perform the same functions as synthetic ones has meant looking backwards in time to treatments that have used plant-based extracts.  The naturally-occurring form of these ingredients such as the plum seed oil and the black tea provided an excellent base to work from.  Next we added in peptides to further encourage the skin to heal itself through natural processes while being carried in a safe, non-toxic carrier cream.  The last piece of this puzzle was to customize our essential oil blend to add additional longevity to the effects of the ingredients, but also to pair with the root formula to create a pleasant and invigorating fragrance.  This product focuses on the root causes of fluid buildup under the eyes and helps to promote circulation and health in that skin, which is some of the most delicate on your entire body.  We have something very special here…NIGHTSHADE.



Purified Water, Organic Plum Seed Oil, Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, Organic Orange Peel Extract, Organic Grapefruit Extract, Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate, Copper Peptides, Dipeptide 2, Organic Black Tea Extract, Organic Green Coffee Bean, Citric Acid, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG 100 Stearate, Beeswax, Natural Preservative.


HEMP OIL QUALITY:  We ensure that the highest-grade hemp oil is used in our formulations, complete with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) from a 3rd party testing laboratory.  Our team also travels to the farms to ensure that both cultivation, harvesting and medical-grade refinement processes are being followed. 

CANNABINOIDS AND TERPENES:  Cannabinoids are components of hemp oil that can act on receptors in the human body.  Ensuring the genetic strains of the plant are high enough in the correct cannabinoid is one of the factors that sets our product apart from the others.  Terpenes are the pure essential oils of the plant that can stimulate the senses to feel awake, induce restfulness or focus.  Our blend of terpenes is tailored specifically to address pain and inflammation.  Rather than use stock terpenes from a variety of plant sources, we refine ours straight from the hemp plant for use in the formulations.  The result is a highly effective salve with a very quick acting time.

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