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DEEP SEA - Mint and Kelp Tones
The Kelp, Spirulina Algae, Dead Sea Clay, Sahara Sand and Mint bar is one of the best bars of soap we make.  The unique scent combination and ingredients set's this bar apart from others in both function, efficacy and aesthetics.  The Sahara sand provides medium exfoliation.  This bar was created with the help of a renowned aesthetician in NYC who specialized in regenerative treatments.  This is the most complex bar we make.


Silk fiber is produced from the cocoons of the wild silk moths. Since the cocoons are processed after the moths have emerged, these beautiful creatures are not harmed and fly away to live their normal lives. Because the moths are not killed in the harvesting process this silk is known as Ahimsa Silk or 'Non-Violent Silk'. Due to this laborious method of production Tvssore silk is rare compared to other silks. In our soap making process these raw silk fibers are dissolved to release the complex amino acids that make up their structure and are later added to our soap during Saponifiaction. Silk proteins, known to absorb 10,000 times their own weight in water, are absorbed into the skin or hair and improve moisture balance, suppleness, shine and elasticity The proteins impart a silky, smooth feel to the skin and are responsible for that wonderful, luxurious feel that is characteristic of Tvssore Pure Silk Fiber Soap.

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